Oh My God I Can’t Believe It!

For once a quote from a song that completely fits the situation! Apart, of course, from the brilliant song ‘Your Song’ by Elton John with the ‘I hope you don’t mind’ line. You have to watch the Green Wing deleted scenes with Guy and Caroline (Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig) in a car and he sings that to her…hilarious! Actually, I’ll put it on the ‘Videos’ page soon.

Anyway, back to the Kaisers and Oh My God! We got our GCSE results today. For full effect I shall write out in full…

B – ICT (but short course and crap subject so only to be expected)

A – Religious Studies

A – Maths (WOW! The teacher told me I was headed for a B or worse!)

A – History (slightly disappointed not an A* but hey, still an A!)

A – Science (counts for two GCSEs as did double science)

A* – English Language (even though my punctuation is tres bad, as you can probably tell from my blog, I must be better in exams!) 

A* – English Literature

A* – Art (yes! so happy, and surprised as got B in mocks. Anyway, brill as fantastic cousin got all A*’s and one A that she was v. pissed off about when she did GCSEs and that was in Art, therefore i must be bloody fantastic!)

A* – French (the relief!)

A* – German (yay!)

 So, overall:

1 B, 5 A*s and 5 As! Better than I thought! And I got back into the sixth form and got good enough grades in all my subjects to do them for AS Levels! Woot! Am so happy have been randomly exclaiming high pitched squeaks of joy all day!

And to those who say exams are easier now : the exams AREN’T easier, the pass marks (grade boundaries) are lower as no one can do the exams. Therefore the exams need to be slightly easier so more people can actually complete the exams and then the pass marks could go back up.

Hm, one last boast at how completely brilliant I am (ha!;))…I looked up the cumulative charts on Edexcel as to how many people passed and with what grade in each subject and only 3.9% of every school pupil who entered into GCSE Art and Design Full Course got an A*! wow! I was so surprised that I got that grade I actually cried tears of happiness when i read the results. I seriously did, I know it’s really sad etc etc but I couldn’t help it and anyway, two other girls did too 🙂

So, I’m off to bed in a cloud of complete happiness and will hopefully dream about being fantastically well off, thanks to brilliant job gained due to GCSE results.

N.B. As I have just proof read entry and realised I sound completely up myself and full of it, I’d like to defend myself in saying that I have waited for over 2 months for my results and, well, they’re so good that it can now be said, with some conviction, that I am a bloody genius!


August 24, 2006. School.

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