Always follow instructions…

 Am sitting here with a bright red face that is stinging beyond all imagination. And why is this? Because of a stupid face mask…seriously.  I decided to smother the sticky pink concoction over my face and leave it to dry, for fifteen minutes as described in the instructions, whilst clearing up my bedroom and hanging up clothes.  Alas, I lost track of time and 40 minutes later realised I needed to take the mask off, not thinking it would matter too much that I’d left it on too long. Oh my God, it hurt.  The instructions read “After the 15 minutes are up, peel off the face mask, rinse your face and pat dry.” It took me approximately 10 minutes to “peel” it all off. It was worse than getting your legs waxed, and I keep finding teeny bits that escaped the peeling, rinsing and patting stages. The moral to this story? Time limits are there for a reason and off-the-shoulder tops are impossible to hang up.

 Went to Bluewater today and my shoes, my lovely Kurt Geiger shoes, hurt my feet so much that I was reduced to buying a pair of very cheap flip-flops in the sale at New Look.  If you scroll down and read the post before this, yes do it now if you haven’t read it already…done? OK. Well, I bought Bridget Jones’ Diary in English as reading it in French was so impossible and the dictionary didn’t have any of the words in as it’s mostly slang. After comparing pages I realised that a page I’d assumed was about a dinner party and then Bridget going home was actually all about Bridget and Daniel… doing things, to be polite. My friend laughed for quite a while about that, so I decided not to tell her that I’d been trying to get my mum to help me understand it. On the plane.  From Geneva to Gatwick.  Which was full of French people and their very young children. Oops.

  The mention of airports leads me onto the whole terrorists in London, blowing up planes with liquid explosives story but I’m not going to go into that as I am getting slight RSI from the keyboard and also I’ve talked about it so much today the topic has been exhausted. Basically, anyone who could go onto a plane and see all the families, business people etc. etc. on their flight and kill them is a complete bastard.  And I think that’s a universally recognised fact.


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