Hours and hours of planning…and it rains

 Given the dismal state of British weather at the moment, i.e. completely grey, cold with torrential rain, many plans of ours (meaning my friends and I) have had to be cancelled. In particular the intricately planned trip to London’s Hyde Park for a friend’s birthday.  We were going to take a Frisbee and go on the pedalos, say what you will but with our lack of talent at Frisbee throwing it can be extremely entertaining.  If not slightly dangerous to anyone within a 40 metre vicinity.  Anyway, all the time I helped my friend plan her party, the train times, coordinating everyone’s arrival times (we were all boarding the train at different stations…), making sure everyone knew to bring plenty of money and a lot of strawberry laces (a delicacy for only £0.79 at Woolworths), was a complete waste of time.  Due to the fact that we are experiencing October-esque weather in the middle of August we are now embarking on an exciting trip to the cinema. I know, try to keep breathing after the enormous excitement that revelation must have caused.

 So, I am now trying to persuade my parents into giving me money to splurge on the rip-off drinks and popcorn that are mandatory for any cinema outing.  The difficulty in this is that I owe my mum a lot, I haven’t added it up yet as scared of certain massiveness of debt. 

  So, what’s next in my exciting life?

  Yesterday we went to see my mum’s cousin and his wife and their two incredibly cute daughters, Yasmin and Nadia. Yasmin is 3 and Nadia is 4 weeks. Yasmin is so cute, she kept coming up to me with plastic plates and saying “What do you want?” so I’d ask what they served and she would tell me I had to choose, so I chose then was told “We don’t have that, only custard with spaghetti soup.”

 She had a thing about soup. And roast potatoes.  When she went out of the room she kept saying “goodbye” until my mum, for some completely unknown reason that simply proves she’s from another planet, said “TaTa”.  After which Yasmin spent the rest of the day saying “TaTa” and “I have to cook my tata’s”, which any of you with a crude mind my see is not the best thing for a 3 year-old to be announcing at irregualr intervals.

 Well, I was going to say more but have been distracted by phone calls and other tecnological stuff and am going to watch Friends. Adios, amigos, Adios. 😛


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