My Life So Far…

Just so you know, here is an overview of the last year so if I start talking about something you’ve never heard of before, check here!

  • January 2006: Started OK. Had all my mock GCSE exams, did quite well and am hoping so much that my real GCSE results won’t be worse! Although I really doubt I’ve got an A in Maths again…
  •  February 2006: My birthday month. Got 2 goldfish called Daneeka, after a guy in Catch-22, and Dougal, The Magic Roundabout. Extremely sadly my grandma passed away on the 20th of February, 2 days after my birthday. She had secondary bone cancer and the doctors hadn’t been able to diagnose what was wrong with her until a week before she died.  She is sorely missed as she was an extraordinarilyly funny, kind and lovable woman with a penchant for sherbet dib-dabs and Marks and Spencers chocolate biscuits.  She’d absolutely kill me if she knew I’d written that about her, but it’s true. In her typical timing I was halfway through an art project on family, which centred on a massive portrait of her. As my mum said when it got too much, “Don’t cry, can you imagine what she’d say if you were sitting by the washing machine crying over her? She’d tell you to buck up.” And she would’ve.
  •  March 2006: Daneeka the goldfish died mysteriously. We visited the pet shop and were told to add nitrates to the water. We did this.
  • April 2006: Get a new goldfish, Colin. Later in April Dougal the Goldfish died. The fish tank now became known as the “Tank of Doom”.
  • May 2006: Started doing my GCSE exams, first Art then french, german orals then the written exams. Before my first exam Colin the Goldfish died. We haven’t got any more fish as we decided we might end up being prosecuted for animal cruelty if we turned up at the fish shop every two months for a new fish.
  • June 2006: Finish exams. Every time I think about the I remeber something else I missed out on a question and also have to control myself from brooding on the fact that our crap IT department hadn’t taught us the answers to half to questions. We approached our IT teacher and asked him how come he hadn’t taught us about AND Gates and about 15 other things (no exaggeration) and his answer was “Don’t you learn that in Physics?” Our answer: “No we bloody don’t!”
  • July 2006: Finally free of school, just a murderous wait until the 24th of August when our results come out. Went on holiday for two weeks to Calpe in Spain. I took a friend with me and we have so much fun!

Well, that’s it so far, plenty of ups and downs. Although to be honest I feel this year has been more down than up. I seriously miss my Grandma and really want her back, I know it ain’t gonna happen but it’s hard to believe that she was 70 something and my other Gran is 92 and still going strong. And, between me, you and the computer screen, I liked my Grandma more.


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