I love you so much I could squish you…

^^ I love that quote, and I think most people can identify with it, much like on Friends when Phoebe is looking at Rachel’s baby and says “couldn’t you just bite her little ear off?!?”. A word of warning, I am a major Friends buff, yes even though it ended ages ago.

 So, what happened today…not much is the answer. I woke up, looked at the clock, saw it was 8am and decided that 8am is far too early to get up in the summer holidays so went back to sleep. I eventually dragged myself out of bed at around 10.30am and was met with the prospect of 4 over ripe nectarines for breakfast “You have to eat them! We’re going away, I’m not throwing out good food!”. So I ate 2 nectarines, enough for anyone I think :).

 As my beloved mother said, we are going away, tomorrow to be exact so maybe this is kind of crappy timing to start writing this but I’m figuring I’m going to need an outlet for stress, ranting and utter disbelief when we return. We’re going to France for a ‘long weekend’ to see our friends who live there. Although it is sort of like going to stay with the Addams Family, the parents are such opposites, the 2 brothers are as well. One of them must have a slight psychiatric problem, he’s completely of the wall.  He’s 15 years old and he still behaves like a spoilt 4 year old.  You know how toddlers decide they want an ice cream and go completely mental when you refuse and throw a complete strop but then 2 minutes later have set their hearts on a chocolate bar which is then refused, and so begins the cycle again? Well, that is what he does. Only he’s 15 year old. I’m not a violent person, I can be incredibly stubborn if told to do something I don’t want to but I don’t go around whacking people and even I feel the need to hit him with an extremely heavy hammer after about 2 hours.

 To make things worse the other brother, who is ok, a complete know-it-all, thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and never fails to correct your french accent, but ok :), isn’t going to be there. So it’s just going to be me and the 4-year-old-15-year-old.

 I am off now, I have to pack then I’m going to bed. Even if I finish packing at 5pm I’m going to bed. We’re leaving for the airport at 5.30am.  Yes, 5.30am. This is going to be a brilliant weekend.  Sorry, not a weekend, a long weekend!


August 3, 2006. Family, General Ramblings, Holidays.

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