You’re “blingy”

 Had a sleepover last night with everyone to celebrate the end of summer holidays and the GCSEs. We played the ‘name game’, basically where you write the name of a celebrity on a piece of paper then stick it to someone’s forehead then they ask questions to find out who they are.  Someone wrote Bill Gates, which is fine, you know better to go for the obscure rather than the obvious. However when the question ‘Am I a politician’ arose due to the lack of a career in entertainment two people answered ‘yes!’. And until someone said, ‘hang on, what did they say?’ we didn’t realise what had happened. So there’s the girl sitting with ‘Bill Gates’ Stuck to her head on a luminous green post-it note, her fingers in her ears, eyes closed and humming whilst everyone else sits there going, ‘he isn’t a politician! He’s not!’ to the reply of ‘Yes he is, he’s that famous president!’. To cut a long story short after much objection to the ‘president’ story I ended up going to my parents and saying ‘Bill Gates was never president of the US was he?’ much to the amusement of my mum who just laughed at the stupidity of the question. Turned out they thought Bill Gates was Bill Clinton, and to make it even worse one of the people who’d said that Bill Gates was  a politician was the girl who’d come up with his name in the first place.

 After all that you’d think it couldn’t get worse, but alas it did. Not only did we have to answer the question ‘Am I married, or was I married’ about 5 times to Sleeping Beauty, and had to discuss the idea that it depended on whether you’d seen the film or not as if you hadn’t technically she wasn’t married and if you had she was. Also when we decided it was time for clues I was told ‘you’re blingy’. Then when I asked ‘Am I black?’ I got the response ‘Yes’ from two people, ‘no’ from another’ and ‘sort of from everyone else. It turned out I was Ali G so it should have been a no….

 We survived that until I, yes it was me (again), said in a passing comment to ‘Bill Gates’ who hadn’t worked out who she was yet, ‘Don’t listen to her, she though Bill Gates was politician!!’ hence giving away the entire game and causing her to know immediately who she was. I am officially crap at secrets.  Not serious secrets, I can keep them quiet. It’s the random ones I have trouble with, like in Secret Santa last year I hadn’t got my present yet and mentioned on the phone, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to get Claire’s Christmas present still’.  Followed by a moments silence as I try to work out if they heard what I said and, if they did, if they worked out what it meant. They did.


 Well, everyone’s gone and I have gained a necklace, a night light and a bowl of coleslaw (it was BYO).  I’m now sitting here contemplating changing my A Level subjects to Biology, Chemistry, English Lit and French and dropping History. It’s too hard to choose but if I want to do life sciences at university (i.e. Biochemistry, pharmacology) I have to do biology or maths. And there is no way I’d ever do maths. Ever.

Oh poop, I’m ‘in a pickle’. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Well, a word of wisdom before I leave, something to mull over in your head, it’s simple but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, full of possibility:


or, on a calculator: 58,008.


August 28, 2006. Friends, General Ramblings, School.

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